Nov 29, 2013

Welkom op onze website

Op zoek naar de introductie van technologie in shorttrack? Dan bent u op het goede adres. MSL-Projects maakt uw website!
Category: General
Posted by: mslembro

I would like to welcome you to this brand new website. The combination of having a background in Engineering and Short Track Speedskating enabled me to make a few tasks easier. Three years ago I became the coach of the Short Track Club STKG (Shorttrackclub Kristallijn Ghent) in Belgium. I am also a help trainer of the Belgian national team. A lot of my life is dominated by Short Track and I have to ideal background to bring more technology to this sport.

Right now I have two projects that I am working on that are worth spreading. I made a lap counter on my Android tablet which can be controlled entirely from my Android smartphone. The ideal solution to avoid having to shout to your skaters that it was still one more lap! The connection between the smartphone and the tablet uses WIFI, which has a rather strong signal resulting in a wide operation range. You don't have to be close to the tablet in order to update the lapcount. More information about this project can be found here.

Something that I am working on right now is writing some tools for Every Short Track speedskater should know this website as it is the place to be for looking up times and places in a lot of competitions all over the globe. A very nice database that is. However, it is a database and that's about it and as as far as I know this database is not accessible outside the webserver. This makes it a very time-consuming task to look up times for mulitple people. For instance you are going to a competition  and the competitorlist is available on, you are entitiled to click on every skater seperately and memorize or copy their best times. To avoid this headaches I wrote some PHP-code to automatically fetch these times. That is only one example of what I'm working on. Have a look at this page for more information and to try it out yourself. I give it the name ShorttrackTools and more of these similar scripts will become available soon.

At the bottom of this website you find a donate button. I don't aim to beg for money. It's merely a way to show your appreciation for this project. People familiar with web developing know that it takes up a lot of time to develop scripts like this. After all, how much time will you save now you can get the competitorlist within 1 minute while before you were probably busy for half an hour minimum.